We were one of the first services to make two major paradigm shifts in our focus to better serve our clients.  First, apply product marketing techniques to people when constructing their resumes.  Secondly, have an open and honest discussion regarding exactly how they will go about searching for and applying for positions and customizing their paperwork accordingly.

Employment Acquisition Strategies

We begin by ascertaining what your goal is and what activities you will engage in to accomplish it.

We consult with you to develop and execute the strategy that fits your level of comfort and budget and offer the following: the resumes, cover letters, and other paperwork tools that you will need to hit the ground running and succeed.

Marketing Collateral Services

We custom design the messaging needed to promote your company’s products and services with creative and solid writing including:

  • Marketing Brochures
  • Web-Site Content
  • Blog Posts & Instagram Content
  • Direct Mail
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Print Media or Website Advertisements
  • Radio Spots & Television Commercial Content
  • Company or company Principal’s Image Pieces
  • Product Descriptions and Technical Manuals


Satisfied Clients

I was fortunate enough to work with Neil, of Eagle Consulting.  It had been 23 years since I needed to provide my resume and Neil, made what I thought was an overwhelming and difficult process friendly and easy for me.  Neil, asked me some questions and even went out of his way to provide me with a professional & precise resume. 

Vivian R

You / services of Eagle Consulting was the best desicion I ever made in reference to finding a quality job. The manner in which you wrote my resume got so much attention within a very short time was remarkable. I don’t think for a second that I would have been able to write the way that you did to get me so much exposure the way directly after I started sending my resume to perspective employers. I have recommended you multiple times to co-workers and family members who have recently been in the market for a new job to get the immediate response from a professionally written resume that gets employers “eyes open”. I would refer you & your services to literally anyone who wants to find a better opportunity that can find “that opportunity” quickly with your help to make experienced & qualified persons that have the means to fill any position and be made to look and sound great.
Ray F

Frequently Asked Questions

Should “References Furnished Upon Request” be included at the end of a resume?

No.  Every word on your resume in a competitive job market should focus in some way on your skills, expertise and benefits you bring to your next employer.  Think about it this way, these four words hardly say anything.  Your resume has done what it was designed to do, you are in an interview and now you are asked to furnish at least 3 professional references.  You are close to getting an offer. Are you going to answer, No, you cannot have my references?  Of course you’re going to provide them, therefore, you could be proactive and have a separate references page using the same format and font as your resume that you can submit along with your resume or have ready to hand to the interviewer should you be asked for them.  We have helped people design such reference pages to include professional, personal, and academic references so that they are poised and ready to close the deal with the interviewer(s).

How do you help someone that needs to make a career change, but is unsure where to begin in choosing where to focus their energy and paperwork toward?

If after offering a few suggestions, someone still does not even have a clue what they can and may want to do, for example, administrative work, then we refer them to a vocational counselor.  We have a direct referral network with a vocational counselor that is excellent.  After identifying a career path, then we can construct better resumes for them.

Two industries are expanding rapidly, healthcare and manufacturing.  If after attending a quick certification course and obtaining a Certificate, we can design resumes to gain entry into their new profession.  For those interested in Electro-Mechanical Assembly, we can directly help get their Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) designation in a short two weeks and be ready to accept positions in this industry.  Please let us know if you are interested in being referred to a vocational counselor, educational program or with us to get your CIS designation from IPC, the Institute for Printed Circuits, a worldwide body dedicated to GMP (good manufacturing practices)

What was one of the most challenging writing projects you’ve ever been contracted to do?

Imagine sitting in your office, the phone rings, and the man on the other end of the phone starts out with, “I am in a real bind and need some help!”  He went on to describe his dilemma, namely, he, not wanting to decline, agreed to deliver a eulogy at the funeral of his uncle, a man he not only disliked, but he borderline despised.  After a comprehensive Q & A session with him, he delivered a 9 minute 44 second eulogy that focused on the way his uncle lived his life, his achievements, the people he impacted all the while steering away from anything negative. The following day he called me relieved and thanked me for my help.

Do you design websites?

We provide solid, creative copy to fit the pages of your site design.  We can either work with a web designer of your choice or we can partner with web designers we have joint partnerships with within our mutual referral network.

Have you ever struggled to write a resume for someone?

Indeed, we have!  Eagle Consulting Group worked with a client that was ready to give up his 12-year career as a journeyman plumber having just graduating college with a degree to become a Mortician. The resume design focused on transferrable skills which frankly there were some to draw on as well as what his four years of college prepared him for.  He did get a job with a local funeral home and today is the owner of that operation.